Oilily is a Dutch brand which carries a unique charm different from many existing US brands.

For a long time I have been looking for products different from the ordinary US brands. Personally, I admire European designs and colors, especially vintage and vivid colors.

Nearby our locations, there is a premium department store in Orange County, California. Since it is a haven where worldwide premium brands release their most recent trends, I often go and research the bags that they provide.

One day I was window shopping lazily and curiously in a mall while passing through Prada, Chanel, and Coach. At the far and straight front of my way, colorful, brilliant, but vintage colors caught my eyes in the show windows among other famous designer stores. I walked faster toward the booth in order to find out what they were.

Being so busy appreciating their beautiful patterns and pastel colors in front of the store windows, I could not see their brand logo located on top of the store. I could not resist entering into the store. Honestly, I fell more in love with the handbags by seeing and touching them in person. While I was eager to enjoy them, a sales person approached me with curiosity and asked, “May I help you?” I hurriedly asked, “What is this brand?”. She replied quickly that it was Oilily.

Since starting my bag business, I was suffering from proving the bag’s authenticity to my customers. The only reason that led to my customer’s suspicion is that the origin of the factory was “Made In China.” Through this I confirmed that many US brands are often made in China. Even if some reknown companies try to hide their factories’ origin by only revealing that the handbags were imported, the truth that their products were “made in China” should not be overlooked. The fact that their products were “made in China” cannot be changed.

Yes, this is why I was eager to find new products other than those that were “Made In China” such as Oilily, which was made in the Netherlands.”.

I had been researching the company for several days and finally reached the factory in the Netherlands. I was so thrilled to find such a discovery, that there was no words to describe my excitement.

According to the company, Oilily was founded in the Netherlands in 1963. The brand started out with children’s wear and was the first ever to place the child at the centre of its creative process. This groundbreaking new vision of children’s wear resulted in a spectacular and vibrant style nobody had ever seen before. The success of the children’s wear collection sparked the introduction of a women’s wear collection, which launched in 1986. Since then, Oilily has been a hallmark of creativity in the cupboard of women and children.

Virtuoso use of color, innovative design, playful patterns, detailed craftsmanship and a certified high quality has brought Oilily a large number of fans and faithful customers. Today, our products are sold through 2,500 resellers worldwide among which are high street boutiques and high-end department stores in Europe and Asia, as well as a sophisticated e-tailers worldwide. Oilily’s own e-store offers the greatest selection of Oilily products and ships out to most countries in the world among which is the U.S.

Fortunately, the company gave our store the right of reselling Oilily bags and allowed us to be an authorized retail seller. I would like to say proudly to our customers, “Enjoy Dutch premium design and colors from “Made in Netherlands”.

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