Wear a bag in crooked way.

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You must be a truly sincere person if you often think of a day is spent in a blink of an eye. Perhaps you continuously repeat the same task over and over or due to many different workloads you might be worried of wasting of even seconds. I applaud your courage to endure hardship. However sometimes you dream to live differently and comfort yourself. If so, imagine or plan a daily escape.
Sometimes, do you ever get bored with your own style? For finding your own unique look, you may look through fashion magazines, but end up finding nothing special. I was just like you, until I encountered a fashion brand called Oilily. I can’t forget the strong impression I had of this brand when I having my first meeting with them. Their colorful and vintage patterns caught my eye and their unusual style of handbags attracted my curisoity.

Is Made In China genuine?

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People shocked when they found their bag is "Made In China". And they claimed that the genuine product must be "Made in USA" and started to believe their bag must be immitation. But your belief is compeletly wrong. Why?